kXML-RPC Downloads

Please note: The file extensions have been changed from .jar to .zip in order to avoid download problems with some versions of Netscape. You can either rename them to .jar or include the .zip files in your CLASSPATH directly.

Attention: The latest version of kXML is required for using kXML-RPC (the min version is sufficient)! Download a copy of kXML first, or simply download the complete JAR file that includes the latest version of kXML-RPC and kXML 1.2 provided below.

Attention: kXML-RPC currently only provides a client-side implementation of the XML-RPC protocol. In order to utilize kXML-RPC, you will either have to access a publicly available XML-RPC web service, or download a J2SE implementation of XML-RPC and build the service using that library. An excellent J2SE implementation is the Helma XML-RPC library, which has been accepted by the Apache Group and will soon be moving to http://xml.apache.org/xmlrpc.

Current Version: 0.6

File Description
kxmlrpc_full.zip Complete kXML-RPC + kXML JAR file
kxmlrpc.zip kXML-RPC JAR file
kxmlrpc-source.zip Download link to the source code of kXML-RPC
kxmlrpc-docs.zip Download link to the kXML-RPC Javadoc API documentation

kXML-RPC Samples

kxmlrpc_demo.java A MIDP application with three XML-RPC sample apps
PopMidlet.java This midlet uses XML-RPC to access a web service that queries the US Census Bureau to determine the current estimated population of the US and of the World. ( Run the app once, wait a few seconds and run the app again. It's very cool! )

You can also get the very latest kXML-RPC source code from CVS here.