kXML-RPC is a J2ME implementation of the XML-RPC protocol built on top of the kXML parser. kXML-RPC empowers J2ME devices with an extremely lightweight mechanism for exchanging data and invoking web services in a neutral, standardized XML format.

February, 2002

"Wireless Web Services with J2ME, Part II", Web Services Journal. This article focuses upon the SOAP protocol, and the kSOAP API for developing wireless web services. The article also includes an analysis of SOAP and XML-RPC and when to choose one over the other.

January, 2002

"Wireless Web Services with J2ME", Web Services Journal. This article focuses upon the XML-RPC protocol, kXML-RPC, and the process of building a J2ME wireless web service client.

December 4 , 2001

kXML-RPC version 0.6 released. The following features have been added:
     - enhanced error-handling
     - improved documentation
     - new code sample posted

November 12, 2001

kXML-RPC version 0.5 released. kXML-RPC is now available for use and download. It currently offers a complete client-side implementation of the XML-RPC protocol.

Download kXML-RPC and see for yourself!



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